L5 Institute – for Leaders

• Are you looking for a way to personally develop as the Leader you know you were born to be?

• Have you got employees that you know have the potential to be future Leaders of your business?

• Wish you had a plan to get yourself or your employees there?

Introducing L5 Institute

L5 Institute is a course which develops Leaders to Level 5 Leadership.  At Aprille International Enterprises, we classify Level 5 Leadership differently than most.  Over our years of experience, we’ve honed a specific categorization process whereby Leaders become effective, productive and impact not only themselves but their teams and the business in its entirety.  We define Level 5 Leadership it as:

• Level 1 – Foundations of Leadership

Here we develop what we call the 5 C’s of Leadership – Character, Commitment, Courage, Confidence and Communication – all of which make up an effective Leader

• Level 2 – Self Leadership

At this level, we address issues such as Mindset of Leader; Self Perception and Self Belief; Relationship to Self as Leader; Revision of 5 C’s as it relates to Self Leadership; Creating a Personal Vision

• Level 3 – Team Leadership

This level of training includes issues such as Creating & Sustaining a Unified Vision; Building a Team/Team Integration; Leadership vs Management; Expectations and Accountability; Communication at Team Level

• Level 4 – Enterprise Leadership

Here we train participants on issues such as Alignment of Personal/Enterprise Vision; Foundations of 5 C’s as it relates to Team/Enterprise Leadership; 360° Leadership; Encouraging “Leading Up” Mentality; Managing Relationships; CEO Marketing; Designing Legacy

• Level 5 – 4 Level Proficiency of Leadership

Once proficiency and experience has been proven, Level 5 Leadership status is attained.  This is measured by written and verbal assessments at each level of training.

After the successful fulfillment of assessments, participants receive a Certificate of Completion to demonstrate their proficiency and effectiveness as a Leader.

L5 Institute is conducted through trainings for private groups and is by application process only.  If you’d like to learn more about how to have L5 Institute completely alter your business or organization, contact Aprille at for more information.


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